September 4, 2018

About Stellenbosch Shuttles

Stellenbosch shuttle services is a company which contributes to making your trip comfortable and safe. These days that is all we long for, transportation that takes one from point a to b in a comfortable manner without stress. Our services – vehicles – does that just for you, providing a range of luxurious yet comfortable vehicles. The choice is yours…

Customized for every event…

As stated previously our services offer various and luxurious customized transportation suitable for any event at any given day and time. Including:

  • Comfortable seats
  • on-board Wi-Fi
  • charging ports
  • satellite television

Entertainment all provided just for you, adding excitement and productivity in your formal visits. If you are in need or searching for a shuttle company for big groups of friends or family our vehicles include:

  • long cushion seats
  • interaction is feasible

Services provided for events such as these:

  • weddings
  • meetings
  • parties
  • night out in the city
  • banquets/proms
  • tours around the surrounding areas
  • wine tours

And so much more! we assure to provide you with the best and suitable shuttles which in return will make your journey a whole lot better.

Travel in style

Have you ever heard of the saying “arriving in style” we provide exactly that to our clients.

Our vehicles are:

  • Modern
  • contemporary
  • Eco-friendly
  • neat and tidy

All for our valued customers to have a memorable journey, including friends, guests, the elderly, colleagues and patients. We take pride in our day to day drivers. Our drivers are:

  • licensed
  • well trained
  • dressed in uniform – depending on the event you are more than welcome to have our chauffeurs dressed formally by request
  • well aware of the roads
  • taught about the policies with regards to the client

Our vehicles are well maintained and is therefor suitable for any event.

We know that journeys or trips can often times be boring and draggy. We would like to eliminate that by providing outstanding services to our loyal customers. Our services does this by making transportation efficient and cost effective, that is why we have successfully maintained a good relationship with our regular clients. We glory in the fact that our clients take pride in our services, building us up and helping us develop as a company. We would like to be at your service more than once, then we will know that we have given our best in helping you.

Let us handle it, for you.

Particular events can cause stress due to all the responsibilities at hand. We allow clients to focus on what is important at the given time while we take pride in doing our bit in being the main source of transportation. We can personalize it for you by adding perks according to your requirements, whichever your heart desires. Your needs is our responsibility in this regard. We make sure that everything goes as planned.

Whether you are a businessman, a girl getting ready for her prom night or a tourist ready to tour, we provide five-star quality transportation suitable for your pockets. If the need arises, don’t hesitate to contact us to ensure a booking. See you there?