Fun with the kids at Butterfly World

If you’re on the lookout for an outing that is both fun and educational for you and your kids… then this is the perfect place for you, with great staff members to guide on a unique learning and enjoyable experience.

Butterfly World Zoo

Who hasn’t been fascinated by the incredible creature? It’s beautiful colors and how it gracefully flaps its wings. According to many visitors, butterfly world is not only the land of butterflies but many other interesting animals, including reptiles and birds. Visiting a park or nature reserve is always a great idea for families to get together and enjoy what nature has to offer. The good news about this specific park is the fact that its situated close to Cape Town and is not necessarily a far distance for tourist travelling or visiting around the area.

Not only is it a fun experience for everyone but it is also educational, kids get to learn about all the different butterflies and the rest of the animals the zoo has to offer. That is why it is perfect for school outings, family trips, photography opportunities and simply just exploring the beauty of nature.

Kids have the opportunity to do fun activities and get to see an animal show whenever they choose to visit. How awesome is that?


What’s for lunch?

“But mom, I’m hungry” parents hear this all time, espeically after soaking in all the awesome information given by the butterfly heroes. But not to worry, at Butterfly World Zoo there’s a restaurant called, Villa Visaggio’s. This restaurant is situated right next to the zoo and it comes as no surprise that it’s a winner among the visitors. Villa Visaggios consist of a full menu, free WiFi, and a licensed bar. And to top it all off, good food, good vibe and great services.

Please note that because Butterfly World Zoo has a restaurant – with scrumptious meals – visitors are not allowed to pack their own picnic baskets.

Skeleton Park

As if butterflies aren’t enough… how cool would it be to explore the inside of an animal, to know where all the bones and cracks lie. The Skeleton Park at Butterfly World Zoo offers you the inside scoop of privately owned animal skeletons. Why not take a walk through the modern day dinosaur park with your kids. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll open up the animal anatomy obsession inside of them.

When to visit?

9 am – 5pm
Monday to Sunday

Last ticket sold at 16:30
Open on public holidays

Also make sure to make booking to avoid any disappointments.  Due to extreme weather changes the butterfly zoo closes early

Adult:​         R 88
Child:         R 49
Student:     R 79
Pensioner: R 79
Family (2 adults & 2 children): R225

Children under 3 years enter free of charge



Multiple entries
Not transferable to third party

Year Entry Tickets from 

Adult:​       R176
Child:       R98
Student:    R158
Pensioner: R158
Family (2 adults & 2 children): R450

Contact details

Location – Route 44 Stellenbosch, Western Cape

Telephone – 021 875 5628

Website –


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